Dr. Roberson is absolutely the best chiropractor I’ve ever known! I’ve been (and continue to be) a patient of his myself. I’ve sent many patients to him, all whom rave over him! It’s all justified. He is knowledgeable, a consummate professional and a very nice person on top of it all. I continue to recommend him completely!

Don’t be afraid. Chiropractic isn’t all about “Bone Cracking.” They are well trained and some, like Dr. Roberson, are truly gifted practitioners. Chiropractic, along with nutrition and alternate therapies goes along with traditional western medicine.

“-L. Spooner, J.D., M.D.”


Dr. Roberson is a very talented and caring Chiropractor. His professional training is extensive and he uses these techniques to give his patients instant relief. His staff is dedicated and makes sure that you leave a satisfied customer.

He did an excellent job last time. I greatly appreciate it!



I’ve never felt so well taken care of at a chiropractic office. The doctor and staff are always pleasant, professional and helpful. I have already recommended this practice to others.

“-J. Crandell”


Dr. Roberson is a super fantastic doctor. He is one of a kind. When God created him, he broke the mold. I have been to countless Chiropractors in the 30 years since my accident in 1980. His office is equip with the greatest technology and his hands are equip with the Holy Spirit. He is not your typical Chiropractor that adjust your neck, mid section and lower lumbar, where you hear all of your bones making a ton of noise. At times with the other Chiropractors, I would hope that my head would still be attached to my neck. It was scary going to them but with Dr. Roberson, it is so different. He is very gentle, very wise and knows exactly where your body needs help. He would find the painful areas and use his blessed Holy fingers to remove the pain. It is AMAZING! I have never seen or felt pain disappear right before my eyes.

You are on this website because you’re searching for a doctor to help you with your pain in your body. Right? Well, you can stop searching right now! I will gurantee you, you will not be sorry; you will be very glad to meet his staff and Dr. Roberson. You will feel awesome. You will have no more pain, you feel like a brand new person. As if you never ever knew what pain was. Go. Pick up the phone, make an appointment and get ready to be healed.

“-J Wong”


Awesome staff and Doctor. Always willing to fit me in and fix me up!

“-Jayme C.”


I first came to Dr. Roberson with knee problems and with tingling in the right arm. His therapeutic approach, which includes not only adjustments, but also pressing on the pressure points in the body, have completely healed me. I am walking and feeling better thatn ever. The tingling sensation in my arm is gone. Now I want to continue my visits to keep myself in optimal health rather than to alleviate pain. I am so relaxed when I walk out of his office that I am smiling both inside and out.

“-I. Villegas”

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