Spinal Muscle Rehabilitation


Strength | Balance | Coordination | Posture | Flexibility

Now with one incredible machine, ACSTherapy can strengthen and condition the entire body and spinal structure. Utilizing both open and closed kinetic chain activities simultaneously this kinematic motion allows independent muscle groups to function at the same time with the deep spinal muscles.

Developed by a team of physicians, physical therapists and experts in biomechanics, Spine Force is designed to strengthen and rehabilitate the deep spinal muscles. Traditional low tech exercises are inconsistent; working only one plane of motion, they stress muscles and cause spinal joints, disc and cartilage to wear away. Acting as a virtual trainer, Spine Force’s tri-dimensional action and interactive display engages the mind and challenges the body to give patients the most precise and intensive spinal treatment in the world.


Spine Force improves strength, mobility, balance, neuromotor equilibrium, flexibility and posture. It is Ideal for back, hips and shoulder injuries, neuromuscular disorders, core strengthening, fall prevention and balance disorders.

Performance Enhancement

Spine Force optimizes the performance of athletes and sport enthusiasts. Conditioning up to 180 muscles at once, it stimulates key muscle chains, improving endurance, power, agility and proprioception. Spine and core strengthening are critical to enhance sports performance.


Conditioning the body from the inside out, Spine Force helps prevent the onset of debilitating structural conditions and osteoporosis. Visibility improving stature and physique, tones and firms the body for a firmer, slimmer figure.

How are Spinal Muscles Affected?

  • Increase the Biomechanics of Posture
  • Balance the opposing sides of the spinal musculature, reinforcing and coordinating the body’s entire musculature system.
  • Connect the deep stabilizer muscles to the superficial muscles (responsible for coordination & motion).
  • Isolates Muscle Groups with precise sensors.
  • Returns symmetry and power to muscle groups.
  • Establishes Equilibrium between muscle chains, training react better, longer and faster.
  • Aids in preventing injuries.

Check out the Spine Force video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orAdpbKl0DQ